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Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Pocket sprung technology is immensely popular for one main reason, it contributes to a great night’s sleep. Pocket sprung mattresses can boast anywhere between 300% to 900% more springs than traditional mattress designs.

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Pocket sprung mattresses are made up of several individual pocket springs. Each spring is enclosed with individual fabric pockets. The springs work independently from one another, reacting to the pressure applied to the individual area to deliver optimum comfort. This provides a more personalised sleeping system as the response of the springs is unique to each individual sleeper.

Unlike traditional open coil sprung mattresses, where the spring system works in tandem as one unit, pocket springs work independently of each other. This decreases the likelihood of “roll-together” whilst sleeping as well as reducing the transfer of bodily movements during the night.

Pocket spring technology is particularly useful for sleepers who:

– Have partners of a different weight; and

– Toss and turn a lot during sleep.

Benefits of Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Some of the key benefits offered by pocket sprung mattresses include:

– Comforting pressure relief on joints;

– Soothing body support during sleep;

– Absence of motion transfer whilst sleeping; and

– Consistent feel and firmness across the whole mattress.

More pocket springs means more quality, right?

The number of pocket springs in a mattress is reference to the amount of individual springs contained within. The number of springs contribute to the firmness and support from the mattress.

Pocket springs only influence the support layers of the mattress rather than the whole mattress. It is also important to remember the comfort layers such as natural fillings and foam elements. The comfort layers and support layers combine to provide the overall tension of the mattress.

A higher pocket spring count doesn’t always equate to higher comfort. A greater density of pocket springs instead contribute to more support across the mattress and a higher level of response to the individual bodily movements during sleep.

Do pocket sprung mattresses provide good back support?

Due to each pocket spring reacting independently to each other, pocket sprung mattresses are good options for those who suffer from bad backs. These can help support spinal alignment more than open coil sprung mattress options.

However, as previously mentioned, other factors such as the orthopaedic properties and comfort layers will also impact how effective the mattresses are at providing the correct level of support needed for your back. Pocket sprung mattresses are slowly becoming the go-to choice for those looking for an optimum night’s sleep.

Pocket sprung mattresses are available in a range of firmness ratings so there is definitely one for you. If you would like more assistance on choosing your mattress, visit our Mattress Guide or contact Customer Services.