How do I choose the perfect divan bed?

Feliciano Divan Bed

The divan bed remains the most popular bed frame for consumers. It’s conventionally constructed with a wooden timber frame and upholstered in a striking fabric to deliver an elegant look. The main advantages of divan frames are their compact nature and storage capability. They serve as extremely versatile bases, possessing the ability to be customised in an array of colour, headboard styles and footboard styles.

The hardwood top finished with a padded layer generally results in a firm feel, making the divan an ideal solution for combatting back pain and providing support for back sleepers. This will need to be supplemented by a mattress which offers similar supportive properties. As with any bed or mattress, personal preference will dictate the type of divan most suitable for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of divan beds

Divan beds boast many advantages whilst also having some drawbacks. Below we discuss some of these to help you make a more informed choice when selecting your ideal style.

Advantages include:

Storage Capability – divans offer a range of drawer options, from conventional drawers to smaller continental options designed to accommodate bedside tables, as well as large jumbo drawers perfect for storing larger items such as duvets and spare bedding.

Compact Design – the divan base is the same length and width as the mattress enabling it to sit flush from edge to edge. Headboards and footboards serve as designer accessories rather than essential components to the integrity of the frame.

Fully customisable – any style of headboard, footboard, colour and finishing can be chosen to complement the sturdy hardwood timber base.

Gloriana Divan BedDisadvantages include:

Reduced underbed storage space – unlike ottoman styles, the divan doesn’t efficiently utilise the whole area beneath the bed. Although some storage is available, drawers are not always suitable for storing larger items.

Difficult to transport through narrow doorways – if your home has narrow corridors and turns in the staircase, it may be difficult to transport the two large divan bases up the stairs into the room of your choosing. A more beneficial alternative may be a side panelled bed which arrives in smaller pieces and is assembled in the bedroom.


Divan storage options

Traditional divan beds usually feature pull out drawers built into the structure of the base. The best configuration of drawers will vary depending on your requirements and room layout.

If you’re limited for space, standard 2 or 4 drawer options will enable you to convert your divan frame into a storage bed. This allows you to reduce the clutter in your bedroom to reflect a more organised look. If your divan is set to be positioned against a wall or is surrounded by larger items, you may want to place your drawers where they are easily accessible.

A handy option is choosing continental drawers which are mini drawers positioned at either end of the headboard side. These drawers are ideal to complement fitted furniture if you don’t have the space available for full sized drawers.

If you don’t require additional storage, divan beds without storage are a great choice. They create an illusion of space whilst serving as a cost-effective option.

Decorative Ideas

It would be rude not to match your new divan bed with some stylish bedding. Eye-catching bedding will serve as the perfect finishing touch to make the base a glamourous showpiece.

Ruffled pillow casings and duvets ooze a traditional setting whereas bold patterns and bright colours will inject vibrancy into the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and mix up the look as the seasons progress. The storage capability of the divan allows you to store away your off-season bedding ready to be switched when the seasons turn. When immersing yourself in decorating your new bed, don’t forget to give consideration to more practical elements such as choosing comfortable pillows and duvets.


Cubed Floor Standing HeadboardHeadboard

The addition of a headboard can add life to a somewhat plain design. Headboards not only deliver great aesthetics but they serve as a comfortable place to lean up against and enjoy your bedtime reading or some evening entertainment.

As well as varied colour options, there are many headboard designs to choose from so we’re sure your dream bed design can be easily catered towards.


Divans continue to hold a valuable place in the bed industry due to the range of size, colourway, storage and design options available. Don’t hesitate to browse through our Divan Beds collection to personalise your divan.

If you require further assistance in choosing your divan or any of our other bespoke designs, please get in touch with our Sales Team who are happy to help!

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