What is an Ottoman Bed?

Venetian Ottoman Bed

Storage for your personal belongings can come in various forms. A storage feature within a bed frame is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst buyers due to the value and practicality they provide. If you’re tight on space and do not want to compromise on aesthetics, then the ottoman bed is a perfect choice. It is an innovative 21st century bed frame that combines modern space saving solutions with timeless designs. Ottoman beds work with a hydraulic gas-lift mechanism that enables the bed to lift up, providing you with storage underneath the bed to store your personal belongings.

Ottoman beds are perfect for helping keep your bedroom tidy. You can put spare towels, linens, duvets and many other items neatly in the storage space that the ottoman provides, helping clear the clutter from your bedroom. They provide approximately four times more storage space than traditional divan beds with drawer storage.

The ottoman beds are made with high-quality materials, predominantly wood, and are upholstered and finished in a fabric of your choice so you can be at ease when designing your room. Fabric options with Amare Living’s ottoman beds range from rough textured linen and chenille to crushed velvet, meaning there is sure to be something to suit the decor of your bedroom.

Venetian Ottoman Bed The frames

Ottoman frames seamlessly function with a gas-lift hydraulic system that works to raise the base allowing you to easily access the storage feature that lies underneath. You will receive two bases which fit together easily, providing two compartments for storage. The top of the base, where the mattress sits, will be covered in an anti-slip material to ensure that the mattress does not slip off the base when the ottoman is being used. To lift up the bed, there are pre-made handles and sometimes straps are attached to ensure that lifting the bed is simple and effective.

Side-lift or end-lift?

There are two options when choosing an ottoman bed, side-lift and end-lift. You can choose the best option for you depending on the layout of your bedroom and personal requirements. They both work in the same way, however the end lift will lift up from the end of the bed, whilst the side lift will open from one of the sides. The base designs are universal so the bed can open from the right or left side as well as either end.

Granada Ottoman Bed HeadboardA headboard to suit you

Any style, size and colour headboard can be added to an ottoman storage bed to complete the look. There are two main types of headboard that would generally complement the Ottoman bed. The first is a small headboard which measures 24 inches in height and attaches to the base using adjustable wooden struts. The second type is a floor standing headboard which stands freely on the floor and attaches using screws to provide a look of grandeur. The options for design and shape of a headboard are virtually limitless.

Our team of experienced designers have selected the most popular combinations available for you. If you see a design on our website or anywhere else on the web which isn’t listed on the ottoman beds page, please get in touch with our customer services team and we will provide a bespoke solution for you, making your bedroom dreams come true.

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