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The day has finally come for your child to move out of their cot and into their own bed. We know this is a big decision which is why our team of experts are on hand to help you every step of the way. The extensive range at Amare Living offers a wide variety of designs sure to complete any child’s bedroom. Whether it be a bunk bed for sharing between siblings or a storage bed for a box room, our clever concepts provide great options for children of all ages.

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About Our Kids Beds

 The Children’s bed range flaunts attractive features and aesthetics which will make getting your children to bed a much easier task. There are a variety of children’s beds from the traditional single bed featuring timeless upholstery to popular bunk beds, car beds or cabin beds. Many of the designs are multifunctional,offering more than just an area for sleeping. Other types of choices for children include compact small double beds from any of our collections, trundle beds and day beds.

Klarna finance options enable you to purchase your child’s bed without feeling the squeeze. With our finance options you can spread the cost over monthly payments, making it easy and efficient to achieve your dream look.

What are the main considerations when buying a children’s bed?

As with any purchase, especially furniture, it’s important to consider factors such as quality, suitability and practicality.

However, when it comes to purchasing a bed for your child, you need to consider extra factors such as their comfort, safety and overall happiness.

The correct mattress is vital to provide support and comfort for a great night’s sleep. Our objective is for a child’s wellbeing to be bolstered by our unique and comforting designs. Beds should offer more than somewhere to sleep, they are spaces for children to socialise and study in the crucial years of their development. The layout of the room itself will also have an impact on the decision you make.

What bed size should I choose?

As with any bed purchase, some of the main factors to consider will be size and age of the child as well as availability of space and room layout. Single beds are a great choice for toddlers and smaller children whilst slightly older children will require more room so compact small double beds and double beds are a more suitable choice. We have an add mattress feature to suggest mattresses that would complement your chosen bed perfectly.

Are children’s beds safe?

At Amare Living, our beds comply with British safety standards so you can enjoy added peace of mind knowing the beds are as safe as possible. All wood, fabrics and materials used in the production process are extremely safe and non-toxic. Should you require further assurances, we are able to provide fire safety certificates upon request.