What are the best storage beds on the market?

Raffaello Upholstered Storage Bed Blue

There never seems to be enough storage space, especially when you’re trying to neatly organise all your belongings. The space under your bed is quite large and unused, but we are seeing a shift away from this as the popularity of storage beds and under-bed storage solutions see a continued rise.

Through adopting smart storage solutions, you can easily store items away whilst enjoying convenient easy access, allowing you to free up your closet for the latest season trends. We have found clients can sometimes be unsure of what storage features are available and the benefits of each style. The storage you choose will be dependent on the layout and space availability of your bedroom.

Amare Living has a wide variety of beds and accessories to transform your room into a clutter-free, minimalistic sleep haven. Below are a few of our favourites:

Chesterfield Divan BedDivan Base – Drawer Storage

The Divan’s main benefit is the practical and versatile storage drawers that are available in a variety of combinations. Our range is available from single all the way up to super king size and everything in between. Divan bases have options of up to four storage drawers, each with a storage capacity of 15kg. In addition to the conventional drawers, we also have large jumbo drawers and smaller continental drawer solutions available meaning there’s sure to be something suited to your requirements.

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Venetian Ottoman BedDivan Ottoman Storage

Unlike traditional divan frames, Ottoman Beds utilise the entire bed base as storage space. Whether you need an abode for your shoe collection or an accessible area for bulky items, the divan Ottoman storage frames are a great choice.

Each of our Ottoman beds use a hydraulic gas piston assisted mechanism to access the generous storage space which is divided into two compartments. The compartments can be divided either lengthways or sideways depending on which would be more suited to the layout of your room. The top of the base has a divan platform top, reinforcing quality and durability.

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Kendall Wingback Bed Metal Gas LiftMetal Gas Lift Storage

There is also the option of adding metal ottoman gas lift storage to bed design. This feature comes complete with a solid floor creating one large storage compartment compared to the two compartments you would have on the traditional Ottoman storage bed. The same mechanism is used to power this frame as the Ottoman bed but the key difference is that this style of frame is a metal frame completed by lovely sprung wooden slats rather than the solid timber top on a traditional Ottoman bed.

A key benefit of the metal gas lift storage is that you cannot see that the storage feature is present as the ottoman mechanism integrates seamlessly in to the design of the bed.

Lined Ottoman Storage BoxOttoman Storage Boxes

If you would like additional storage for your bedroom, Ottoman Storage Boxes are the perfect space saving accessory. Available in any design and colour option to match your bed, they are fantastic pieces to hide away off-season bedding and other items. Conventionally, they come in a standard size but if you would like to jazz them up, the sizing’s can be customised to match your preferences.

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Before you purchase a storage bed, we suggest considering the following key factors prior to making your final decision:

– What items do you need to store?

– Are they bulky or smaller, foldable items? Ottomans are great for bulky duvets, whilst divans are perfect for neat folded bedding and clothing.

– Ensure your room has sufficient space to fit the storage bed.

Over the coming weeks and months, we shall explore each of the storage features available in more depth as we aim to increase understanding of what’s available on the market and dispel any myths and fads which are causing consumers to make misinformed decisions leaving them underwhelmed with their purchase from other retailers.

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