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After two years of testing many different mattress styles in our quest to create a unique range, Amare Living is excited to bring you an exclusive collection of luxurious mattresses that represent all that is great about naturally sourced materials and high level British craftsmanship.

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About Our Mattresses

Choosing the right mattress is crucial to creating an optimum sleeping environment. Accumulating quality sleep each night boosts both physical and mental well-being. Research has found that there will be an increase in productivity, energy and an overall happier mood when you have a great night’s sleep.

To get the most out of your sleep, we recommend a mattress which adheres to your requirements both in terms of firmness and sleeping style. The perfect mattress is one which combines comfort while supporting a neutral alignment of your body.

With prices up to 40% lower than retailers on the high street, we’re confident you will be blown away by the quality of our mattress range. Our Klarna options for flexible payments allow you to spread the cost of your purchase.

Why does mattress firmness matter?

Unfortunately, the industry has not yet discovered a mattress that works for everyone despite the unrealistic claims in the market. Firmness determines comfort but they can also have health benefits such as back support and anti-allergy properties.

Soft: Side sleepers curled up in a log, yearner or fetal position usually prefer a softer mattress. Soft products usually have a cushioned area which is needed to support the hips and shoulders.

Firm: We advise a firm mattress for those who like to spread out like an angel. Firm products are usually preferred by back sleepers or stomach sleepers as they need the extra support across a large surface

Medium: These are beneficial for couples who need to find the middle ground between softer and firmer tensions.

Mattress Types

Once you are aware of the tension your body requires, the next crucial stage is selecting the design. Currently, a popular choice is the memory foam mattress which enjoys a sinkable surface allowing the foam layers to conform to the contours of your body, creating a sumptuous feel. Our quality memory foam products incorporate materials which have breathable hypoallergenic properties to ensure comfort. They are also great at ensuring sudden sleep movements by your partner don’t disturb your sleep.

The mattress of choice at the moment is pocket spring. These products feature individually wrapped springs which work independently and in tandem with the movements of your body, minimising any interference from your partner’s annoying sleeping habits.

Latex mattresses are composed of natural materials which maximise the benefits of nature. They are encased with temperature regulating, breathable hypoallergenic functions which create an ideal sleeping habitat. The Latex material is extremely durable, making them worthwhile investments.

Open coil spring are the traditional choice. Lightweight and double sided, they are very comforting and affordable, making them an ideal addition to guest bedrooms or for children’s bedrooms.

We provide single and small compact double mattresses for children’s bedrooms, as well as double mattresses for guest rooms and smaller bedrooms and king size and superking size for grand master bedrooms.

When choosing a product, we advocate finding your favoured sleeping positions so you may select the tension you require followed by the materials you would like.

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