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Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses bring together the luxuries of sprung and foam technology. If you have had a memory foam mattress before, you will likely fall into one of two categories: those that love their mattress; and those who loathe the heat they generate. However, our memory sprung technology combines the benefits of memory foam whilst reducing the impact of some of the less favourable properties.

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Full memory foam mattresses were once seen as a revelation until they began to make you feel like you were sinking after a few months of use. This sinking feeling increased the tendency of sleepers to roll over into one another resulting in the popularity of memory foam mattresses not being as strong as it once was.

This led to the introduction of memory sprung mattresses. These boast a hypo-allergenic layer which regulates the temperature of the mattress to ensure it remains cool whilst also featuring pressure relieving properties. This is supported by the memory foam layers which contour to the natural shape of your body to deliver a truly unique sleep experience.

Amare Living offer mattresses in sizes ranging from single up to superking and everything in between. This gives you the choice enjoying a luxury memory foam mattress in any size you like. If you require any additional assistance, please contact us or read the Mattress Guide for further information on what you need to know when choosing a mattress.

The benefits of memory mattresses

Memory mattresses are a great option for couples who differ in size and sleeping style. Let’s explore some of the benefits of memory foam mattresses.

1. Supreme Comfort

Memory mattresses are some of the most sought-after styles on the market. The comforting memory foam layer contours effortlessly to your body’s natural silhouette to create a soothing feel.
Supportive springs nesting beneath the comfort layer reinforces the structure to deliver a sumptuous feel.

2. Relaxing Properties

The pressure relief provided by memory foam mattresses make them a great option for sleepers who want to sink in to bed after a difficult day.

3. Supportive Base Layer

Experience head to toe support with the spring technology underpinning the memory comfort layers.

4. Suitable for all sleeping positions

Front sleeper, back sleeper, or side sleeper? No problem! Memory mattresses are built to adapt to your body. Comfort layers add extra cushioning, this is especially useful for side sleepers as it provides extra support in the areas that need it most, especially the shoulder and hip region.

5. Prevention of motion transfer

If you’re a light sleeper, this type of mattress is the one for you. Memory sprung mattresses are one of the least disruptive mattresses on the market. The innovative spring unit regulates the transfer of energy between the springs to ensure your partner’s sleep is not disrupted by your movements.

Dissecting a memory foam mattress

You usually find various components within a mattress, each of which complement another to achieve optimum comfort. Our memory foam mattresses often consist of the following:

Base – the base is a foam layer a depth of one inch. The purpose of the foam layer is for sturdiness and stability.

Support – this layer is the main body of the mattress. The support layer will feature an open coil sprung or pocket sprung unit which work in tandem to deliver comfort and support.

Memory foam – layers of memory foam enable the mattress to contour to the body’s natural shape. The memory elements combine to provide responsiveness, breathability, and longevity.

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