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Wooden Beds

Wooden Beds at Amare Living are manufactured using the finest grains including pine, oaks and hardwood. The timeless designs allow you to connect with nature as the various rustic finishes are sure to suit any style and preference. The robustness ensures the frame stands the test of time whilst the natural, neutral colours add versatility, making it adaptable as well as stylish. Wooden beds provide the benefit of low maintenance; regular wiping down will maintain the natural shine.

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About Our Wooden Beds

These timeless classics are available with slats or storage. Opting for a storage feature is a great way to tidy away your clutter and free up room space. The type of wood used can impact on the aesthetic and feel. We use a range of woods, each with their own benefits and distinctive style.

People are sometimes put off by the perceived high prices associated with wooden frames but the styles at Amare Living are a fraction of what you would find on the high street. We offer Klarna finance options, so you can achieve your dream look without having to worry about paying the cost all at once. If you need any assistance with choosing your design, please do get in touch with our Sales Team who are on hand to answer any queries you may have.

What are wooden beds?

Most commonly, we use oak, pine and other wood-like effect finishes to manufacture our range. No matter what the type of wood your bed is made from, you will be guaranteed quality and durability with Amare Living.

Here is a quick summary of what the advantages of each style of material are:

Pine – The softness of the wood makes it easy to paint and add your own touch of personality. You can refine your pine frame and complement it with accessories to suit any style of room whether it be antique décor or a contemporary feel.

Oak – Natural graining provides a versatile and timeless finish. Oak is a hardwood giving the durability and long-lasting effects to make your frame a worthy investment.

What are the benefits of a wooden bed frame?

Wooden beds have many advantages, mainly the stunning aesthetic. They suit the majority of bedrooms due to their unassuming elegance and versatility. These frames can last decades given the right treatment and if used with love. Traditionally light weight, they are easily moveable when you’re having a spring clean or redecorating your abode.

What colours do wooden beds come in?

From natural woods both light and dark to brilliant white, we have a great range of colours to choose from. You always have the choice of painting the frame in a colour of your choice if you ever decide to add a further splash of colour.

The grain you select will also influence colour as pine, oak and walnut all have their own unique texture whilst each providing traditional warmth and evergreen properties. As a guide, white and other lighter colours will brighten up smaller spaces to reflect a modern feel whilst darker shades will add depth to provide a comforting feel.

Get in touch with Amare Living if you want to buy a wooden bed today.