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Back Support Mattresses

Sleeping on the incorrect mattress can cause back pain or worsen existing lower back issues. Inadequate support from a mattress will reinforce poor sleeping positions, muscular strains and does not assist with correct spinal alignment. These factors combine to cause lasting back pain.

Sleeping comfort may also be sacrificed if mattresses don’t match an individual’s sleeping preferences. A mattress which provides back support and comfort helps alleviate back pain, allowing the structure of the spine to rest during sleep.

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How do I choose the right mattress for me?

Choosing the right mattress is sometimes difficult given the vast variety available on the market. Ultimately, personal preference should dictate the best mattress for you. There is no one for all mattress that works to reduce back pain for everyone. The best mattress for you is one which allows you to sleep pain free.

One thing that is overlooked when choosing a mattress is understanding the physical components within it. The coils or pocket springs within the mattress provide the support whereas the fillings and padding contribute to the support it provides. A good mattress will provide support for the natural alignment and curves of the spine. Adequate support helps avoid muscle soreness. At Amare Living, we have curated a range of mattresses with unique back support properties.

Why do I get back pain?

Common causes of back pain include:

Bad posture and slouching | Weak core due to inactivity | Arthritis | Osteoporosis

To diagnose the cause of your back problems, we recommend consulting with your GP.

Do orthopaedic mattresses reduce back pain?

Most orthopaedic mattresses have a firmness rating of medium or higher. Generally, the firmer the mattress, the more the pressure is distributed across the unit. Due to the mattresses being firmer, you are less likely to experience roll-together. This will provide an overall better sleep experience.

Open coil and pocket sprung mattresses are good options for back pain. Pocket sprung mattresses create supportive environments as they reduce movement within the mattress. Open coil bonnel springs create an even sleep surface which relieves pressure wherever your body needs it. We advise selecting the comfort layers and fillings carefully, so you enjoy adequate support and tranquility.

Browse through our range of back support mattresses to choose the right combination for you. Please contact us if you require any additional assistance.

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