10 Simple Steps to Recreate a Luxury Hotel Bedroom at Home

Modern Hotel Room

There aren’t many better feelings than walking into a hotel room to be greeted by fresh bedding. That moment you first sink into your sumptuous bed; tranquil, yet so memorable. A boutique hotel represents pure, undiluted luxury.

With the help of these 10 steps, you too can transform your bedroom into your own luxury hotel stay.

1. Perfect your sleep

The bed should always be the focal point of any master bedroom. We advise positioning the bed centrally and decorating symmetrically on either side. Whenever you’re choosing a bed design, think about how you can create that “wow” factor.

If you don’t have the luxury of space in your master bedroom, we advise a tall headboard, in particular a vertical panel design style. The vertical panels help to create a sense of space and height whilst also providing a striking backdrop for your bedding, pillows and cushions.

When considering your mattress, one with a topper is always a good option to achieve that premium hotel feel. But remember, buy the best mattress possible in your price range – after all, it’s a long-term investment in your health.

Bespoke Tall Wall Panels2. Carefully select the colour scheme

Neutral colours are the key to creating a foundation for hotel inspired space. Larger permanent pieces such as curtains, wardrobes and headboards should be kept neutral and complemented with warm undertones. Popular shades at the moment include red or lilac undertones, as these hues have nice depth and provide a soothing quality.

3. Bedding makes a world of difference

The cloud-like feeling provided by hotel bedding can’t be emulated anywhere else, can it?

If your pillows are no longer feeling plump or your mattress has seen better days, it’s time for a refresh. Invest in a quality mattress complete with mattress topper.

Top tip: layering a thin comforter or blanket between two sheets can deliver amazing results.

When choosing your bedding, consider what type of material you prefer. From our experience, most hotels opt for cotton percale sheets so if you want to emulate the feel, we advise opting for the same.

Hotel Room Attention to Detail4. Cushions

Your bedroom needs to ooze that five-star feeling, and cushions really do help bring a feeling of luxury into the home. With luxury hotel pillows or alternative decorative styles, there’s many ways to accentuate the décor in your bedroom. When choosing cushions, go for something complementary to your neutral colour scheme, whilst also using the cushions as an opportunity to add a sprinkling of colour and texture.

5. Complementary décor

Whatever décor your budget allows for, you must ensure you maintain a clean, polished feel in your bedroom. You’ll notice that hotel rooms are never cluttered so avoiding visual chaos is important. You can achieve this by opting for an ottoman bed or a bedstead with ottoman storage.

Hotel Room Seating Area6. Adding a seating area

Spending time relaxing in your bedroom is always a soothing experience, so why not add a small seating area? They’re perfect for enjoying a movie marathon or relaxing with the latest page-turner that you’re reading. If you’re tight on space, incorporate storage into your seating through an ottoman storage box at the end of your bed. If you would like something more unique, why not design your own bespoke piece?

7. Lighting matters

Always use natural lighting effectively to enable sunlight and brightness into your bedroom, especially during daylight hours. Ensure that you choose soft, indirect lighting to complement the neutral elements in the room, creating a warm golden glow.

How you choose to scale your lighting will depend on the size of your bedroom and other pieces of furniture. If you have a large headboard, don’t be afraid to go tall with lighting features and bedside lamps, as this will help with the overall balance and flow of the room.

Hotel Room Simple8. The key is in the detail

If you’re looking to add the missing piece to your bedroom, small details like fresh flowers, scented air fresheners or candles can make the world of difference. The key to selecting small, detailed pieces that will enhance your bedroom and add value to its aesthetic is to ensure it doesn’t become too cluttered.

9. Add a personal touch

Although hotel rooms undoubtedly look pleasing to the eye, they can sometimes feel sterile and void of any personality, which you don’t want to be the case with your bedroom.

The décor should be simple and blend seamlessly with the overall theme of the bedroom, and the inclusion of personal pieces are a great way of injecting some much needed personality into the space.

But remember, don’t overdo the décor. Keep it simple: tie it in with the theme and don’t detract from other pieces of furniture. Whether you prefer scented candles or tasteful art prints, make sure to make your bedroom your own!

10. Housekeeping please…

Unfortunately, the one thing we aren’t able to help you with is housekeeping… this is something you’ll have to stay on top of and monitor to ensure your room looks its best at all times!

If your bedroom is inspired by a dream hotel stay, please get in touch via Instagram or Facebook as we’d love to feature them on our social channels!

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