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Teal is a combination of blue and green, which can provide a calming environment to your bedroom – the perfect feeling you want when you go to bed. Teal beds and teal bedroom furniture provides an understated elegance that will help you drift off to sleep quickly and comfortably. Our teal beds are genuinely bespoke and come with a range of storage options if room is at a premium in your bedroom, or if you just want to keep your room tidy.

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Teal Beds & Accessories

Amare Living provides a guarantee lasting up to three years on all our teal bedroom furniture and teal beds, which are sourced from the finest materials in Yorkshire, giving you unparalleled and assured levels of quality and comfort.

Teal beds are available in super king, king, double and single sizes and our styles include wingback, ottoman, signature, sleigh and many more. We will deliver your teal bed to your door if you wish and for a small extra fee, we can come round and install your teal bed for you.

Get in touch with Amare Living today to buy your teal bed and bedroom furniture or order online. You can even order a sample to double check how your teal bedroom furniture looks.