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Essential Range

The Amare Living Essential Range of mattresses is comprised largely of open coil offerings with some affordable pocket spring options. The range has been carefully designed to offer a selection of great mattresses for those looking to achieve fantastic value from their purchase.

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About our Essential Mattress Range

Whilst the popularity of pocket sprung and hybrid mattress styles is increasing, the open coil spring mattress, sometimes referred to as a Bonnell spring, remains a popular mattress choice due to the combination of affordability and comfort. Don’t be duped into thinking low spring count or absence of pockets has anything to do with reduced comfort or quality levels.

Bonnell sprung mattresses traditionally feature interlinked springs topped with different comfort layer options to provide outstanding full-body support. A Bonnell spring mattress is a supportive unit featuring coiled steel, woven into numerous springs, fused together by an innovative wire frame. The springs are available in various tensions ranging from soft to firm. The Essential range is available in all standard UK sizes.

Benefits of Amare Living Essential Mattresses

One of the primary reasons for the prolonged popularity of the open coil mattresses is the benefits they offer:

Supportive springs – the Essential Range features springs which distribute body weight evenly across the body of the mattress to ease pressure in the areas where your body requires it most.

Orthopaedic properties – the supportive properties of the coil sprung system make it the ideal spring choice to be used in orthopaedic mattresses. The essential range mattresses are designed to offer support for your body and alleviate pressure in the spine whilst promoting good posture.

Improve spinal health – open coil mattresses are supportive to the body, increasing the likelihood of waking up feeling refreshed and ready to attack the day. They do boast back support properties, but we advise viewing our our Back Support Range if you would like a mattress designed specifically to provide specialist back support.

Great pricing – Essential Range mattresses offer comfort and support without breaking the bank so they are great value choices.

Lightweight properties – open coil mattresses are slightly lighter than their pocket sprung counterparts, making them convenient for turning and rotating without worrying about the weight of the mattress.

The Essential Range Guarantee

You’re assured a restful sleep with an Amare Living Essential Range mattress. We advise selecting the mattress which features comfort layers and fillings most suited to your body’s needs. Simply select the style and size that is right for you and leave the rest to us. If you require any additional guidance, please contact us to discuss.

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